Facebook's ads teams have developed a comprehensive set of systems to ensure impactful results for both consumers and advertisers. Working alongside them, I helped meaningfully improve their ad creation and management product experiences, from adding the right creative content and writing relevant copy, to managing lead forms and analyzing data, and more. Here is a small sample of some of the projects I worked on.

Lead Ads

Meta Lead Ads give advertisers a simple yet effective way to drive qualified leads. Meta is always working to improve their lead ads and increase ad conversion and engagement for their advertisers. Working alongside the Ads Manager team at Facebook, I was tasked with optimizing and simplifying the lead ads creation experience using quantitative user data as inputs.

Updating Design Systems

While Facebook’s design systems evolved during our engagement to fulfill the needs of new platforms and audiences, we worked closely with the design systems team to migrate Ads Manager and its associated tools over into the updated systems and ensure quality and consistency along the way.

Page Insights

Advertisers thrive on accurate and up-to-date information to so they can make insightful decisions on what audiences they’re targeting. I worked closely with the ads team to improve critical dashboards and key flows to ensure advertisers could make informed and insightful decisions. We did research with advertisers to learn what was mot important to them as well as analyzed historical data to ensure flows were organized in a way that best met their needs

Boost Live Ads

Working with Facebook's Feed Ads team, i set out to increase live post engagement as creators struggled to both excite and maintain viewers without an exciting call to action. We wanted to find a way to increase views from the start, so we built a way to create and share trailers from a live stream. Treating the trailer as an ad and boosting the trailer beforehand helped get the word out to more people, driving overall engagement.