Degreed provides a platform for organizations that connects learning and career growth to business opportunities. The result is a fluid skill-development experience that propels people and their companies toward their aspirations and goals. Underbelly partnered with Degreed to revamp their current website. We implemented their new identity and content into a fresh, updated website design.


When the project began, Degreed had a completely refreshed visual identity with a very different look and feel from what they had previously. This allowed the the team to help bring that new visual identity to life. With vivid new colors, bold typefaces, playful illustrations done by Julian Burford and updated brand messaging.


First, we set out to better understand Degreed's mission. We wanted to discover how the site redesign could empower their goal as a company.

We performed a comprehensive kickoff and discovery with the team at Degreed. This included interviews with key stakeholders to discuss their end-users and find pain points.

Once a comprehensive idea of Degreed’s needs areas were explored where improvements could be made on the previous website and implement them into the revamped design along with their new visual identity.

Developing a type scale, spacing scale, palette, and other various atoms, Degreed’s new visual identity was adapted into a web-based style guide, which informed a versatile and flexible component library to accommodate content that may need to be updated or changed with time.

When designing a website, accessibility is a key factor in the process. Rigorously testing to make sure it is compliant with all accessibility standards. Degreed’s vibrant new color palette and bold type were a great starting point for a website that would be usable for all individuals.

Development Process

Underbelly’s Development team worked closely with Degreed to understand and develop not only a beautiful-looking website but one that would adapt to their content needs throughout time. We built a robust content management system that was flexible enough for a wide range of customization, but also easy for the team at Degreed to use.

I performed quality assurance on every aspect of the site, working closely with the development team to ensure all aspects of the project were tidy, consistent, and matched the designs set forward.


The partnership with Degreed produced a beautiful and highly-engaging website for providing employees with career growth opportunities. Not only was the launch of the site exciting, but to see how the research and planning improved results for both the end-user of the website and the Degreed team.

From Underbelly Creative
  • Matt Scribner - Lead Designer / Art Director
  • Drew Taylor - Designer
  • Caitlin Askew - Project Manager
  • Zack Sunderland - Development
  • Jacob Fowles - Development
  • Ben Meszaros - Business Development
From Degreed
  • Kat Kennedy - Chief Experience Officer
  • Jeff Sherlock - Head of Product
  • Wouter de Bres - VP of Design
  • David Johnson - VP Brand
  • Todd Tauber - VP Product Marketing
  • Brad Zomick - VP Demand Gen
  • Sonja Schurig - Director of Product Management
  • Alex Olmstead - Brand Project Manager


  • Julian Burford - Illustrator